What to Expect

Whether it’s your first time ever at a church, your first time in a long time, or you attend every week… we want you to feel at home when you walk into the doors at Lake Drive.

When you enter the front door you’ll be welcomed by a member of our church in the foyer. They can help direct you wherever you need to go. In the sanctuary and entryway you’ll find people catching up and making new friends. Feel free to grab a cup of coffee before taking a seat as we worship our Lord.

When you come to Lake Drive, don’t worry about being dressed the right way, or having to dress formally. Dress comfortably and respectfully. You’ll likely come across people on Sunday morning wearing everything from formal long dresses to blue jeans, pearls to sneakers. We are more concerned with how you’re doing than what you’re wearing.

At Lake Drive, our Pastor preaches from the Bible to expound the truths of the Christian life. We favor a more expository preaching method and although we do have topical sermons from time to time, you will typically find us working our way through a book of the Bible.

After spending some time at Lake Drive and getting to know our church family, we are so excited when people decide that this is where they belong! Please contact our Elders to discuss the requirements of membership. [email protected]

The music at Lake Drive varies from traditional hymns to textually rich modern music. Because we are mindful of respecting our God, we are highly selective about the songs we sing and the words contained in those songs.

We offer a Sunday School children’s group that meets at 9:30am while the adults and young adults meet upstairs for Sunday School. This is voluntary and you are welcome to keep your children with you for every gathering. During the main Sunday worship service at 10:30, we do not offer children’s church, but rather keep families together in the sanctuary to hear the preaching of God’s word. *For mothers with small children, we offer a nursing/cry room where the preaching can still be heard.

We gather together multiple times throughout the week as well as additional events and festivities throughout the year. Please visit our GATHER page to see our weekly meeting times.