Beyond our weekly corporate worship times, we also have Men and Women’s ministry gatherings as well as events our church family organizes to stay close and accountable to each other. We are delighted to welcome you to join us!

Sunday Morning Service

We gather as a congregation every Sunday Morning at 10:30am

There is no separate church for children during this service, as we encourage all people young and old to hear the words of Scripture read and preached.

Sunday school adults

Sunday School is an opportunity to engage more into the Word as we study a section of scripture together. Members of the congregation are called upon to pray, read scripture and engage in the study. We meet for Sunday School begins at 9:30am


During Sunday School, we do offer a separate school for children aged Kindergarten through 5th grade. This is an opportunity for the children of our church to foster bonds through prayer, song, discussion, and learning about our Lord. Sunday School begins at 9:30am


Wednesday evening Bible study is an opportunity to dig deeper into the Word of God. Subject matter can be more academic in nature as we discuss cultural context, secondary writings, and more. Prayer requests are discussed at the end and our members pray together. Wednesday Bible Study is on Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm

join us!

No matter where you are in your journey to meet the Risen Lord, you are welcome at Lake Drive Baptist.

  • Sunday Morning @10:30am
  • Sunday School @9:30am
  • Wednesday Evening @6:30pm